• perry

    well i too have had the same experience with three different vets…when my cats started getting old and sick i would bring them in since they were in pain and no longer having a healthy life. well after the first vet charged me allot of money to extend my cats life by two days, i went to another vet next time…again, same old story they charged me allot of money to take blood tests and give medicine for an aminal that was at deaths door. I went to a third vet with another cats and when i said i needed to put the cat down, they recommended blood tests. I went on a rant saying its crazy, the animal is in pain and dying and you should be putting the animal out of its misery instead of looking to keep it in pain for a few extra days…the vet got the message and we put the cat to sleep. Just amazed how consistent it was in the business to make some money but prolong a animals life for the worse

    May 16, 2012
  • Chris Phillips

    Thanks for the compelling story. Don’t be lazy on this. Act. This is not about chosing a coffee shop or shoe store. This is about Zoey now. In my experience, vet technicians will talk faster than police informants stoked up on methamphetamine. Ask around and they will guide you to a better vet, and away from the hacks. Dog people also are fanatic about their vets. You will find better. Thanks for sharing. CP

    May 16, 2012
  • Randy


    I enjoyed your pit bull account–you’re a great story teller! I suspect the future between you and the vet will sort out just fine. The question I found myself asking is, “How goes it with Dave and his neighbor across the low fence?”

    May 18, 2012

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