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  • Larry Entistle

    Appreciated your reflections on ZIG…”a snese of gratitude that communicated an optimism that was contagious”. Seems to me that the filet of the comment is pulling off the contagious part. I think you answered earlier when you said you just sensed the guy was REAL. When you left it was kinda like you got vaccinated…hopefully something to emulate for a good long time. Doesn’t seem to happen often in experience.
    Buddy…the early 70’s comment didn’t escape me! I’m so blessed to be absolutly fired up about what I’m doing with Young Life, it is really fun…even in the smack dab middle of some of the most challenging circumstances of my life with Janie. Don’t think God gives us freeway driving all the time. My experience is the journey is peppered with a bunch of Colorado Mt. Passes too!

    Keep up the good work…love your stuff and sure enjoyed the little book you graciously sent recently.

    All my best,


    December 13, 2012

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