24 Life Lessons from Swede

life lessons Jan 15, 2022

A friend and mentor, Swede Roskam, recently passed away. He was in his mid-eighties, but lived like he was eternal. 

One of his last emails was to my son at college, asking him to lunch the week Christian was home for spring break. Swede had a way of reaching out the younger generation, and they all loved being with him.

He also passed a lot of life lessons to those he mentored. Here are 24 Life Lessons from Swede, who was one of the most grateful and most generous people I've met:

Life Lessons From Swede 


Take risks

Send notes

Travel the world

Keep the end in mind

Push your kids out of the nest

Under-promise and over-deliver

Lead with a firm handshake and a smile

The past is no excuse

Verbalize your love often

Multiply your resources

It's all about choices

Reward effort

Call home

Keep moving forward

Build life-long friendships

Keep your sense of humor

Age doesn’t have to slow you down

Marry well & tell everyone that you did

Encourage your spouse

Equip others for success

Pray without ceasing

Never retire

It’s only money

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