Client Stories

After more than two decades of serving entrepreneurial leaders, we have scores of stories from entrepreneurs in tech, healthcare, and financial services. Here is just a sampling of our work to help our clients make their next move and accomplish their goals:


 ACCRU is a cancer research network whose mission is to change the standard of patient care through innovative research. ACCRU engaged CZ Strategy to grow its membership as it seeks to become a global leader in conducting industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated, phase II and III cancer treatment and symptom management trials.

We conducted perceptual research of ACCRU's stakeholders, including its senior team, executive board, investigators, community doctors, and industry partners. We developed a messaging strategy and marketing plan, which included launching a podcast called "ACCRU Transformative Research." CZ also designed a new website and now manages its social media presence.

KeHE Distributors

How do you tell the story of a complex retirement plan to more than 6,000 employees?

KeHE engaged CZ to create a series of ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) animated videos to educate its employees on the benefits of the plan. CZ created a character called "Goodie" and wrote scripts for eleven videos, produced in both English and Spanish. The videos simplified the complex details of the ESOP program for employees, telling the larger brand story for the company.

RevCycle Partners

How do you spin out a services brand from a tech company?

A revenue cycle management service, RevCycle Partners engaged CZ to stand up the new brand after the company was spun out of a tech company in 2018. CZ designed the brand strategy and set up its marketing infrastructure for ongoing lead generation. CZ now functions as RevCycle Partners' marketing agency, managing all inbound and outbound marketing activities, including PR.

 TC Wealth Partners

How do you reposition an old world trust company, originally founded within a bank, to become a full-service wealth management firm?

CZ conducted brand research with the executive team, board of directors, past and current clients, and its partners. CZ designed a new brand strategy for the firm, including coming up with the brand name, TC Wealth Partners. Our work repositioned the firm as a national, full-service wealth management brand.


RevolutionEHR, a software company, had just received its first round of angel investment when it engaged CZ to rebuild its messaging and implement a lead generation engine to capture visitor data to its website.

We built the messaging strategy around the customer or hero, the optometrist who aspires to focus his or her life's work on the real reason for going into the profession: serving patients. We then designed a plan to capture the data of visitors when they hit the website. We send them a series of automated emails that moved them through marketing funnel where eventually they created a sales pipeline.


When CZ began with AmplifyETFs, it was about to launch what would become one of its most popular ETFs (IBUY). Since then, the asset management firm has raised billions of dollars for its many theme-based ETFs.

CZ formalized the brand of AmplifyETF, designed its next website, and set up its marketing automation software and messaging strategy. CZ then trained its new marketing hire on the software, handing off the ongoing marketing to the team.


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