Brand Research

Your brand is a story. It's a memory of an experience that your customers or clients tell themselves and share with others.

Over two decades, we've designed and perfected a unique brand research process that captures the story of your brand in the language and aspirations of your customer. We apply the research to recreate your messaging strategy and the brand concept for your digital presence. The language from the new messaging strategy is then used for your marketing automation, website copy, and future marketing campaigns.

Our job is to plumb the depths of the mindset and belief system of your ideal customer.

Strategic Marketing Plans

Effective marketing happens within a system. It's never a single tactic. It's never the latest marketing fad.

While every company is unique, every company needs a comprehensive, measurable marketing plan, which begins with an intimate knowledge of the ideal customer. CZ assists its clients in mapping out the customer journey and then designing a sensible plan to engage your prospects. The plan lays the foundation for all future marketing activities, whether digital, social, or physical.


Executive Influence Marketing

Ideas are the currency of influence. For many entrepreneurial leaders, influence through speaking, writing, and publishing in various formats forms the foundation for the entire marketing enterprise.

CZ creates "influencer" content marketing plans that identify and sharpen the publishing-worthy ideas of the organization. We package those ideas for distribution, whether for blogging, podcasting, or posting on social media.

Agency Services

CZ also provides ongoing agency services for its clients. In this regard, CZ functions like an in-house marketing department, an extension of the corporate team.

Often the services are focused narrowly, such as managing inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, media relations, or social media management.


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