Dave is a passionate (though third-rate) fly fisher, and he has also published several books, including "Death by Suburb" (HarperOne) and "The Fly Fisher's Book of Lists" (Big Snowy Media).

Dave can't stop starting stuff. In addition to founding CZ more than two decades ago, he has created three podcasts, one on fly fishing, and started two other businesses, including co-founding Journey Sixty6, an online learning and coaching community for writers.


If you're in the room with Melissa, be careful; you might unknowingly share sacred information. That's because she's always digging with questions.

Melissa oversees the CZ team and guides our clients in social media and writing/publishing. As she grew her Instagram following from zero to 25k, Melissa learned firsthand that most anyone can express an idea, but expressing an idea with a point of view is much rarer. And rare voices are heard above the noise. Melissa is also a co-founder of Journey Sixty6, an online learning and coaching community for writers.


Kirsten is always dreaming of hopping on a plane for an overseas adventure—whether to Norway, from where her parents migrated, or to France, where the weekend brocantes call her name.

Speaking of which, we've dubbed Kirsten our "air traffic controller." She coordinates all of our projects, so they take off and land without a hitch. Kirsten collaborates with the design team to manage production schedule and babysit client deliverables. She also provides market research and competitive analysis, conducts client and prospect interviews, and offers creative and recommendations.


Organized, detail-oriented, and an eagerness to learn are staples of Allison’s character. A recent graduate with a double major and double minor, Allison is an avid reader with a knack for small details. She started working for CZ as a proofreader. Her strong work ethic and facileness with technology make her the perfect fit to serve as editorial and marketing production managers. While she’s not busy with work or reading a new book, she enjoys hiking and skiing in Colorado’s mountains.


Imagine this: one of CZ's wordsmiths actually learned English as his second language.

Born and raised in Indonesia, Rob's first language was Indonesian. Straddling two cultures - American and Indonesian - Rob's natural instinct is to listen to people to better understand them. His writing is an extension of this. He writes to bring clarity to ideas, a skill set he applies to all of his editorial and creative projects at CZ.


What is a seemingly impersonal job - managing the financial operations of CZ - Linda makes personal.

Questions about invoices, payments, and accounts - Linda handles all such inquiries with warmth, grace, and aplomb. Her leadership managing the operations of CZ makes her mission critical to our success. She keeps the money flowing, the bills paid - and everyone doing their happy dance!


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